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Something Fishy, Inc. opened its doors in 1992 and is run by David Hale. Dave has been involved with tropical fish and the pet industry for over 38 years and specializes in the breeding of award-winning African Rift Lake Cichlids and other tropical fish. We expanded into our own building in 2002. Housing our retail, the fish hatchery and internet operations all under one roof.  In 2014 we purchased a second Building and expanded our fish breeding. We now are running over 500 tanks and about 33,000 gallons of fresh water. We are serious about what we do!


Something Fishy Inc. provides the largest, healthiest, and most diverse selection of African Cichlids in Northeastern Ohio! Our fish are showcased in our range of custom acrylic aquariums, including our “in-floor” tank and our 265 gallon aquarium in the wall.

If you have not kept African cichlids, you are in for a treat! Our tanks contain some of the most beautiful freshwater fish you will ever see. People new to the hobby often confuse our aquariums for saltwater tanks. However, African cichlids also provide much greater “action” and the ability to keep higher stocking levels than saltwater fish. Plus, African cichlids are kept in freshwater setups, which means they are a good introduction for new hobbyists and are affordable to keep.

Our Mission Is Superior Customer Service coupled with the breeding and selling of top-quality fish and aquarium supplies. Before you go to the fish “superstores”, visit our showroom or give us a call for the most up-to-date pricing…

…or just stop in for a great cup of coffee and view our incredible fish!

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