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Each month we will have the SF/Bakers Dozen (13) of Live stock and supplies. 13 items of each that we will ship out. We will not be shipping anything outside of these items. This is something new we are trying and want to keep it simple and easy for you as the buyer and us as the shipper. I know from being in this business for a very long time and seeing whats on the internet with long list or many pages of fish, dry goods etc that it seems endless and can be time consuming just to find or not find what you are looking for? I like the saying K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) So we want to offer a easy, pleasant buying experience. Each month we will select certain fish for the list with one special #13. The list we plan to include Rift Lake cichlids, SA/CA cichlids, some scavengers and some nano fish and or shrimp or even a plant or two? Some maybe a 5 pack or similar buy depending on what it is and what we have on hand. So monthly you will want to check back to see whats new and exciting. Not sure how we are setting up this page yet but should have a picture of the fish and or what the fish will be as a adult? We will try to put quantity available to you know how many is left before they are sold out? Not sure at this point if I will post a new item in that slot if sold out before the month ends or wait til the next buy month?

Well more to come… have to head out… stay tuned fishy folks 🙂

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