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Maintenance Service


In addition to our retail and mail-order services, Something Fishy is also the leading Professional Aquarium Maintenance and Service Company in Northeast Ohio. We provide everything you need to enjoy your aquarium without the messy work or hassle.

Imagine the beauty and tranquility of a tropical fish aquarium in your home or office. A tropical aquarium provides a striking representation of nature in the home. It helps businesses add interest and character for customers that visit their offices.

Our Maintenance Packages include:

  • Scheduled gravel and filter media cleaning
  • Scheduled water changes (based on tank size)
  • Routine cleaning of internal and external aquarium glass
  • Thorough cleaning of filtration equipment (as needed)
  • Refill of dry food supply
  • Water conditioning and monitoring (as needed)

In addition to our full-service installations, we also lease aquariums at very affordable rates. Contact us for pricing and availability in your area and find out which plan is right for you!

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4764 State Road • Cleveland, Ohio 44109

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