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Store Policy

Livestock: We offer a 24-hour guarantee on most of our fishes, but this does not include wild plecos and some exotic fishes. All our fish receive the best care possible, and it is very rare that any fish leaves our store less than perfect and healthy! We do NOT guarantee compatibility with any fish! Typically, if the fish dies, it is due to something beyond our control after it leaves our store.

If a fish dies within 24 hours, please return with the fish, a separate water sample, and your receipt. Educate yourself (and us too!) on your aquarium so that you have the best results.

Dry Goods: Generally, we have a ten day guarantee, but some product durations are shorter or longer, depending on the product. Most manufacturers have longer guarantees with terms, contact us for more information.

Shipping Policy

The fish are packed the best they can be and the fish are 100% healthy before they leave our store or hatchery but what happens once they leave is out of our control due to whatever it may be as in the shipping company, post office, weather or the customer themselves?

1. Something Fishy Inc. guarantees live arrival on packages shipped using one of our preferred methods, with overnight or next-day delivery only. We cannot guarantee live arrival of packages that are not received on time due to carrier delay, whether it is due to weather conditions, failure to pick up fish within two hours of arrival, incorrect location, or any acts of Mother Nature. Or not signed/excepted the first attempt delivered. We will, however, do our best to resolve any problems you may have and keep our customers and our fish happy!

2. "Live arrival" is defined by Something Fishy as follows: upon opening the box and inspecting your new arrivals, the fish are all swimming. In other words, they are not floating upside down dead. Fish will appear to be in good health. Should you receive fish that do not meet these standards, it is the customer's responsibility to take digital pictures of the fish and email them to us within two (2) hours of receiving the fish. The digital pictures of your DOA fish should be taken while the fish is in the unopened bag under all circumstances! If the bag or bags were opened or tampered with, no credit will be issued. If the fish are alive and you release them in your tank, only to have them become ill or die after they enter your water, we assume no responsibility for your aquatic environment. We also encourage you to call or email us once you receive your fish to confirm their safe arrival. I DO NOT GUARANTEE THE DELIVERY TIME!

3. Should you find a guaranteed fish "dead on arrival" (DOA), Something Fishy will issue a credit. This credit is to be used by the customer who received the DOA fish and must be used within 4 months of the date that the credit is issued. We do NOT reimburse the cash value of the fish. Also, we do NOT reimburse or credit the cost of shipping, as this is done through a third-party service.

4. If the situation occurs where--through no fault of Something Fishy or the carrier--an order or any portion of an order is cancelled or otherwise refused by the customer AFTER the order has been processed, bagged, boxed and delivered to a carrier, the following charges shall be assessed to the customer: 1) any freight/carrier charges which might have been incurred, 2) all applicable box/packing charges, 3) all applicable heat pack charges, and 4) a restocking charge on all returned items equal to 20 percent of the amount actually invoiced for the items.

5. Something Fishy will not ship using a carrier other than our preferred carriers. This is enforced very strictly for the safety of your fish and to maintain the Live Arrival Guarantee. Currently, we are online and able to ship in the entire continent of North America, using the following services:


Contact: or Dave or Bruce at 216-635-1625, M-F 1-7pm, AquaticDiscoveries, H2O café & Aquarium, Whatever Pet Supply Closeouts & more. Are all trade marked and protected companies.

4764 State Road • Cleveland, Ohio 44109

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