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"The place to go for cichlids. Period." Do not be fooled by the bigger flashier stores in the area. Something Fishy is the place to go to get the best selection of cichlids in Northern Ohio. Period. Great selection at a great price. Did I mention how great the fish look or how healthy they are? Along with the fish, you can get great deals on tanks, accessories, and food. It's a relaxed atmosphere that encourages stopping in and relaxing. If your'e lucky, you will get to see the hatchery in the basement.

- jvkocian

"WOW! What a store!" Beautiful, healthy fish and the cleanest tanks you'll find at a fish store.

The basement hatchery has several hundred tanks and each one is spotless. Something you expect of display tanks but not breeding tanks that most people won't get to see!

Dave and his staff are top notch! Look for the aquarium in the floor.

- Joea

"very good experience-recommended!" I highly recommend this retailer. He had the best price on Saulosi fry that I could find. He responded promptly to my inquries and was very helpful overall. He shipped via DHL from his shop in Cleveland to my home in Philadelphia...the packaging was good and the merchandise arrived alive and looking great. Prices are good...fry were 3/$10 and he gave me one extra for free. Syno petricola listed at $15/each, and Dave charged me only $20 for 2. I got 15 healthy fish, good customer service, overnight shipping, and I paid $110 total. Highly recommended!

- panopticon

"Good Customer service" I managed to convince Dave to ship me some custom glass tanks after hearing about them on this website. He was happy to help despite not being in the business of selling breakables through the mail. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on his website for future deals.

- triscuit

"Great place!!!" If you like Africans, Dave has a great selection and knows his stuff. Clean tanks, high quality stock and a great selection. A+++ Highly Recommend!!! Great Place!!!
Can't wait to visit my in-laws again so I can go back to Something Fishy...

- WVfish

"5 Stars for this awesome place " All I can say is WOW! From the outside it looks very tiny. But inside it is full of variety and good looking fish. I bought 4 of the best Demasoni I have seen anywhere (to add to my existing 9).

Dave, the owner, took time to talk with myself and my co-worker about his history in the fish business. Dave also gave us a tour of his facility, even his breeding tanks and showroom to be. His prices are very good. I will be back. Check it out if you are in the area.

- Noahbody

"Great store!!!!" This is a very nice store, clean and well stocked with a knowledgeable, courteous staff. Best cichlid store I've found so far in the Cleveland area.

- kirkh

"Best Retailer In The Area" This retailer is without a dought the best I have been to. The quality of their fish is second to none. Dave and his staff are always helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this store to anyone, It is a definite 10 in my book

- Big Bob

"Awesome fish and a great guy to deal with" I picked up a dozen Zaire Blue Kitumbas from Dave at the ACA convention in Chicago. The fish are awesome and Dave was very helpful and easy to deal with. I will most definately do business with him again and encourage everyone to give him a try...You won't be disappointed!

- kolopedo

"Awesome store!"
Dave, the owner, is a hobbyist and breeds his cichlids in the basement of the store. He has great quality cichlids as well as some community fish. His show tanks are amazing! Great prices, too.

- AfricanCichlidFan

"Something Fishy is the best in Northern Ohio" Dave and his whole staff are helpful and friendly every time I am there. If you have any questions about cichlids this is the place to go. Dave the owner is very enthusiastic about his fish business and knowledgeable about cichlids. Very clean tanks and store. On a scale of 1 to 10 this place is a 10!

- Tinman33

"Best shop in NE Ohio" Been to the store many times and they always have a nice selection of quality fish. Very dependable and knowledgable, I feel very confident when buying cichlids from Something Fishy.

- burn1959

"Awesome fish, Great Prices, Great Service. Thanks"

- TheDiscusKid

"Proffesional Operation"...enough said

- OmegaShark

"Great shop. Great Owner" Something Fishy is a wonderful fish shop with a nice selection of quality stock. The owner is Dave, who is friendly and courteous. Not much more you could ask for.

- pogamoggan

"Best freshwater fish store in cleveland area" I stopped in to SomethingFishy today to discuss setting up a new tank. The help was friendly and pointed me to the owner (Dave) when he couldn't answer my questions. Dave was extremely friendly and patient. He took the time to answer all my questions even though the store was extremely busy and never made me feel rushed.

As for the fish quality, they are certainly the best looking fish I've seen in NE Ohio. If you are looking for Cichlids, this is the place to go.

- Gilgamesh

"Healthiest Fish in Cleveland" It is a wondeful thing when someone takes their business seriously. Something Fishy Inc. has, by far, the healthiest fish of any pet store I've seen in the Cleveland area. There are larger "supersize" pet stores, but SF Inc's selection is much superior. The owner is an honest salesman who has your best interest in mind. Very highly recommended, with fish from all three Rift Lakes.

- gherlevi

"Class A shop" Something fishy is worht more than the 4 hour drive I made. Very nice selection of fish,stock is not only grade A but priced to suite.When the Geo's spawn Dave I will bring some your way. Thanks for everything Dave... Coffee and fishshop made a rainy day full of sunshine...

Give Something fishy a visit when you are ready for a First class petshop and you will not regret it.


- J.Sipes

"Wonderful shop!!" I stopped into Something Fishy a few weeks ago to gather some information before starting my next project. They did everything they could to help me get answers to my questions. All of their fish were top-notch - way above the quality of any other LFS I've visited in NE Ohio. I'll gladly purchase from them when I'm ready to start my Tanganyikan setup!!!!

- nekomi

"WOW!" If you want fish you need not go to somethingfishy because Dave Hale has specimens. Superior quality, selection, customer service is what you will find there. I give Dave all my business because he is heads and shoulders above the competition.

- jtranscriptus

"Good friend and better shop!" When you drive up to the store on State Rd, you wonder just how much of a shop can be here! But step inside and you are immediately struck by the huge show tanks. Add to that the coffee and comfy couch to sit and watch the fish from and you wonder how long you can stay.

I stocked my entire tank by emailing Dave and asking for the various species I wanted in my tank. He got everything and they are great. I have some beautiful N. Beucheri Gombe, well-colored white Calvus, and fun-to-watch Pearly Ocellatus. As Dave puts it, he only will accept fish that are well colored with some F0's to boot.

- Cichlid.Lover

"The best fish store in NE Ohio! " This store is run by an enthusiastic hobbyist (Dave Hale) - and you can see it as soon as you enter. The whole place is spick & span and the tanks simply look awesome with the best quality fish I have ever seen in a shop. Only fresh water and specializing in cichlids, but you will be able to pick up first quality cichlids of species that nobody else in the area stocks! It would be worth quite a trip simply to see the 3 big show tanks - Malawi, Tanganyikan & South American. Dave is very friendly & knowledgable and you can get a good coffee at his shop too. Store hours are somewhat irregular, so call ahead if you have a long trip to the store.

- fmueller

4764 State Road • Cleveland, Ohio 44109

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